Gothic Rock Around the World VI

Posted on Friday, 31 October 2014

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Sombrati Records veröffentlichen am 31.10.14 Teil 6 Ihrer Gothic Rock Around the World Compilation. LisaWars sind mit "EinsZweiDreiVier" an Board. Die Compilation gibt es wie immer als freien Download.

01 Remain In Light – X Corde Vita [Greece]
02 LisaWars – EinsZweiDreiVier [Germany]
03 SexAndBlood – Maggot Rising [Costa Rica]
04 Trouble Fait' – A Voice Speak From Nowhere [France]
05 The Council of Days – Ego Sum Chao [United States]
06 Amora Morte – Maldito [Chile]
07 SSICk - Ready To Go [Italy]
08 After Electronic War - Ways [Italy]
09 Obsolete Memories – Nosferatu’s Lament [Brazil]
10 CLONEs theory - Dust [Italy]
11 Quasimodo – Under The Whip [United Kingdom]
12 Grimmates - Something Wrong [Italy]
13 Anniversary Circle - Ghost Won't Cry [United Kingdom]
14 Stagioni Sintetiche – Autunno [Italy]
15 Evren Svern – Immer wieder [Turkey/Switzerland]
16 Double Eyelid – Dead Is Better [Canada]
17 Invading Chapel – Midilife Crisis [France]


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