33 Goth Bands You Should Know Compilation

Posted on Monday, 23 February 2015

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Free-Download 33 Goth Bands You Should Know

Free-Download-Link: https://gothicmusicrecords.bandcamp.com/album/gothic-music-33-goth-bands-you-should-know



01.Intro byDouble Echo - I Used To Be In Pictures
02.The Stars Can't Frighten - Part I (Screenshots From Empyrean) by Christine Plays Viola
03.Stay Awake / Nothing by Les Fleurs Du Mal
04.Autumn Wounds by Soror Dolorosa
05.Carving A Smile by Sorry, Heels
06.Frecuencia De Las Aves by La Calle Morgue
07.Sento by The Spiritual Bat
08.Dark White by The Foreign Resort
09.Joku Sytytti Kynttilän by Varjo
10.Eternal by The Flatfield
11.Oxygen by Salvation AMP
12.Playhouse by Double Echo
13.Long Line by Secret Sight
14.Release II by Dreamtime
15.Given Out Of Hand by The Shallow Graves
16.Book Of Winter by Phantom Leaf
17.Heaven Falls Hard (TommyO Crystalmix) by The Drowning Season
18.Try Deeper by Draconian Incubus
19.Panic Attack by Neu Zaum
20.Hôtel Roma by Varsovie
21.Rotten Days by Silent Scream
22.Panopticon by Murnau's Playhouse
23.Rose Imperial / Remix by Reptyle
24.Devil by Hearts Fail
25.Cold by Undertheskin
26.First Class Citizen by This Cold Night
27.Anielski Głos by Jesus Rodriguez
28.Everything I Am by Reactive Black
29.Dead Music For The Living by Dead Born Babies
30.ZwanzigUhrFünfzehn by LisaWars
31.Sister Of Darkness by Trouble Fait
32.Queen Ephemeria by Saigon Blue Rain
33.Dead id Better by Double Eyelid
34.I by The Dying


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